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Managed Services

Managed Services is much more beneficial for you than you think! With ItIsReno as your managed service provider you get all the benefits below, without the expensive price tag. Starting at $7.99/month! Click headings to learn more. or download the Brochure. You can also preview what a daily client report looks like here

Basic Package

This is the base package that is required for all of the other add-ons. Click header to learn more.

Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus is a recommended feature of our offerings. It is lightweight and does its job.

Risk Intelligence

Use risk intelligence to go beyond “reactionary security” and deliver real risk reduction.

Desktop or Server Support

We can support Windows based desktops and server..

Web Protection

Our Web Protection is a layer of security that complements and extends the protection of traditional antivirus and firewalls, helping keep you safe and productive.

Full Backup

Our Backup solution is designed to provide a backup service for servers and workstations that can help reduce the cost and complexity of data protection—without sacrificing speed or reliability.


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Full Package $24.99/month, save $7/month!
Basic(Required)      $7.99
Managed Antvirus $3.00
Web Protection      $3.00
Risk Intelligence    $3.00
Full Backup          $15.00
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